Our Story


                             "We don't look like what we've been through"

In 2017,  Deon'Te and LaShaya Cottingham knew that life would never be the same, as they were forced to make some serious life altering decisions. Starting in September of that year, Deon'Te who was the sole financial provider for the family, suffered a back injury while working and it left him permanently disabled and he was no longer able to work. Then in October after months of fighting from a number of ailments, LaShaya's mother passed away. This was an extremely devastating loss for the family especially for their four children who were very close to their grandmother. Deon'Te and LaShaya both were doing the best they could to hold it together but then another blow came a couple of weeks later and the family had to make the decision to let their home go because they could no longer afford it. They were now incomeless, homeless and most of all, heartbroken by all that had taken place. 

But as the saying goes, "trouble don't last always." 

Our family had to find the meaning of life all over again. There were somedays we didn't know if we were coming or going. But in the midst of it all, something inside of us switched. We turned our pain into an idea, which then became a passion and then determination. Regal Society Lifestyle became our lives. We created RSL to tell "OUR" story and to be a platform for those who may be suffering in silence. We hope to be a positive reinforcement in a world full of negative distractions. Our slogan is "CROWN UP" which means persevere, overcome and take lead. Have the courage to be the best version of yourself. It's not about the amount of obstacles we face but how we react and respond to them is what defines who we are. Looking back on where we were a few years ago, really makes us appreciate where we are today.